Ajman Center for Social Responsibility Organizes Sign Language Course for Customer Service Staff

Ajman Center for Social Responsibility at Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a training course in the sign language for people with hearing disabilities, targeting service providers in government sector, NGOs and hotels in the Emirate, in cooperation with Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and with the support of Ajman Tourism Development Department.

The course, which was organized in the Sheikh Hamid Hall at the Ajman Museum, was attended by 32 participants in a session aimed at helping to facilitate communication with people with hearing disabilities and to have easy access to services. The course was presented by Mr. Wael Samir, a sign language expert in Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, and dealt with ways to communicate with people with hearing disabilities and train participants in the course.

Nasser Al-Dhafri, CEO of Ajman Center for Social Responsibility, stressed that the course organize as part of the center’s efforts to introduce service providers to various government and private entities in ways to communicate with interested people with hearing disabilities from reviewers and business owners, enabling them to provide a distinguished and integrated service to all customers alike, explaining that people of disabilities are the top priorities of Ajman CSR…

He pointed out that the course will enhance effective communication in sign language between service staff and customers with hearing disabilities, which increases the satisfaction of the customers of these departments and makes their customers happy.

Al-Dhafri praised the keenness of government agencies participating in the course to train service personnel in sign language, as well as thanked Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and Ajman Tourism Development Department for their cooperation in organizing the course.

Al-Dhafri pointed out that Ajman Center for Social Responsibility is keen to implement an action plan for 2018 aimed at implementing a number of events in cooperation with many stakeholders to touch various sectors, which contributes to achieving the vision of Ajman Emirate “Building up a happy society that contributes to the development of a green economy, motivated by an excellent government that is consistent with the spirit of the Union”.

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