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This service targets financially distressed university students who were unable to pay the financial dues to complete their studies or obtain their university degree and who meet the requirements of the initiative to provide financial support to them in order to contribute to completing their educational journey in a smooth and comfortable manner
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Educational support

This service targets struggling students enrolled in UAE public universities, and seeks to provide financial support and provide them with electronic devices to complete their studies and fill their need for an educated human cadre.
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Yesser Initiative

This service means paying the obligations of eligible groups against whom a judicial ruling has been issued (civil court).
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Empowering Orphans

This service is concerned with covering all the needs of orphans in financial, educational, psychological, and social terms.
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Ramadan food parcel

This service is concerned with providing purchase cards for food and consumer purchases to eligible groups.
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Mass Wedding

This service aims to financially support those about to get married with the aim of forming a cohesive and stable Emirati family.
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Sanad Project

This project is intended to help those in need whose financial resources do not meet the basic requirements of life, as the organization provides all types of services such as: (electricity connection fees - sanitation fees - furniture - electronics - electricity bills - rent payment - completion of construction - treatment)
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Housing Project

This service is concerned with helping eligible groups maintain their homes, whether urgent cases or those applying for the service. This year was designated to receive urgent cases only (fires - collapses).
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Sponsor An Orphan

This service means supporting orphans financially on a monthly basis.
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Winter Campaign

This humanitarian campaign aims to support families and individuals in Red Crescent refugee camps with basic materials and necessary requirements that are badly needed during the winter season.
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