The Second Initiative of “Workers’ Health Day”

The Second Initiative of “Workers’ Health Day”

As part of Ajman Center for Social Responsibility efforts in diversifying social initiatives and its keenness to joint initiatives between the health facilities and private sector, the Center implemented the second initiative of “The Workers’ Health Day”, with the aim of providing medical examinations to private sector workers, and participated in the second phase of the initiative both Ajman Specialist General Hospital and Arab & India Spices in Ajman.

More than 75 workers benefited from the initiative, providing a number of medical examinations, including blood sugar and blood pressure, cholesterol testing, blood fat percentage, weight measurement and height to determine BMI, and Seba Med distributed the medical products to factory workers.

Nasser al-Dhafari, CEO of Ajman Center for Social Responsibility, said the continued implementation of the Workers’ Health Day initiative reflects the importance of the initiative and its role in providing a healthy environment that supports business continuity and reflects the country efforts to take care of the individual and society by considering the development of human capital as a top priority.

He praised the interest of government, private and non-profit sectors in implementing pioneering and innovative community initiatives that confirm the UAE’s leadership in this field, and stated that Ajman Center for Social Responsibility aims to implement a variety of initiatives during 2022 in cooperation with its partners with the aim of increasing the contribution of social responsibility in various sectors and intensifying partnerships between all entities and raising awareness of the importance of community responsibility among members of society as a whole.

Fatima bin Omair Al Muhairi , Director General of Ajman Specialty General Hospital, said that participating in “The Workers’ Health Day” Initiative is part of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the hospital and Ajman CSR to enhance cooperation and implement community initiatives that keep pace with the directions of both parties, and explained that the hospital management is keen to provide integrated health services and care to all individuals and organizations and is keen to strengthen its communication with private sector facilities in the emirate.
Harish Tahiliani, Managing Director of Arab & India Spices, thanked Ajman Center for Social Responsibility and Ajman Specialty General Hospital for implementing the Health Day initiative for workers and providing medical examinations to factory workers, highlighting the importance of community initiatives and their role in connecting health institutions with factories and companies, which strengthens the relationship and form partnerships to benefit from available services.

He added that the factory is seeking to activate its role in the field of social responsibility so that the factory distributed 25,000 food baskets during the pandemic period, and provided 175 carter airline tickets to families needing to travel during the pandemic period.

Ajman Center for Social Responsibility recently implemented “The Workers’ Health Day” Initiative in its first phase, provided free medical examinations to more than 60 employees.

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